The North, The South and beyond

The Magic of Eyre

A few years ago, I was siting in the library browsing history articles on when I caught myself thinking: “Hey, this Ancient Sumeria portal is pretty neat! When you open a page , it lets you read the overview of a subject and then it gives you links to places, persons and events connected to it.”

“Man”, I said to myself,“wouldn’t it be neat if I could have a wiki for my own campaign setting?”

Today, after teaching myself some html(and mustering some free time), I’m finally getting around to it.

Hope people like what I’m doing here. This is a work in progress(as the best RPG settings often are)!

Where to start?

A comprehensive timeline of the history of the Empire can be found here

To find out more about the people inhabiting the lands of North and South, click here

Lift your hands towards the heavens or turn a curious ear towards the hells if you desire to speak about Gods

If you’re interested in how the world of Eyre breathes and feels, make sure you check out the flora and fauna sections

For a list of women and men of great renown(famous npcs, in RP terms), go here