Abraxas is the god of the god of Earth, crafting, metalworking and innovation. He is the patron of conjurers, artisans and alchemists. He teaches that incentive and hard work can bring goodness to the world. He is depicted as a stout, bearded man with a blacksmith’s hammer and an apron covering his chest. He is worshiped by craftsmen, athletes, alchemist, miners, sword-smiths and scribes.


Let your actions speak your intentions. Take upon yourself to be the source of change that will bring innovation and prosperity to the world. Take up a craft, learn new skills, practice your writing and hone your body. We are all just molten metal ready to be beaten into shape by hard work and perseverance. Think things through before you act. One bad stroke can ruin a hard day’s work of painting and a single blow delivered with the flat of your blade can undo weeks of dutiful forging. Staying grounded in your beliefs is the easiest way, for the ground is something close to us – we all walk it every day.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Domains: Earth, Good, Strength, Craft , Rune, Cavern, Metal

Favoured weapon: Hand of Taklin (Warhammer)

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