Ascion is the Eyrean god of Death, knowledge and magic and the youngest of the Three. A patient and impartial god, Ascion watches over all Creation, urging his followers to seek out Understanding of the world around them and to calmly pass on in the knowledge that death isn’t the end of their journey, but merely its continuation. He is depicted as a tall, hooded man in charred brown robes. He is worshiped by scholars, dignitaries, ascetics, mercenaries and people dealing with death.


Never shy away from gaining knowledge. Once discovered, information can be shared or kept secret, depending on the circumstance. Knowledge shouldn’t be used for the pursuit of good, evil, law or chaos, but for placing oneself closer to the Understanding. Tranquil death is only possible when all things are in balance and the mind is unfettered by the mundane. Be wary of the discordant, for they bring Uncertainty and also the overdiligent, for they constrain the growth of the mind. Magic is your greatest tool, use it wisely.

Alignment: True Neutral
Favoured weapon: Rod of Wonders (Quarterstaff)
Domains: Death, Magic, Knowledge, Luck, Spell, Repose, Suffering

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