Gods of the Realm

Gods, Powers, Manifestations, Anthropomorphic Personifications. They have been called many names over the last few millenniums, invoked in righteous anger, harmonious praise and cynical scorn.

The creators of Sapients and the custodians of the World, gods embody the Aspects of reality they had assigned to themselves before the Dawn of Man and the Healing of the world. They are bound to them, their very essence ingrained within a certain element, concept or abstract ideal.

It is said that the power the Gods have over their aspect is almost limitless. By some divine agreement certain colleagues of mine like to call the Consensus, the balance and stability of the Universe is seemingly maintained in face of deep philosophical differences that bar the Powers from working in perfect harmony.
But who can say whether the Status Quo we are born into, in which we spend our lives wanting for more and from whence we eventually pass on, confused and sad and angry, is the true legacy of the Creator – or merely its shadow, the whole of Creation mourning the death of its Father being the source of all the suffering this mortal coil must endure?

But I’m getting sentimental, here’s the COMPLETE list of all the known Gods, Powers and Entities that claim a piece of the divine pie. I’m using imperial nomenclature in order to avoid confusion and accidental blasphemy.

The Triat

(Great Ones, Holy Siblings, the Three)

The Circle of Four

(The Concordat, The Primes, The Four)

The Dark Court

(The Dark Ones, The Vices, The Seven)

The Shining Ones

(The Seelie, The Spirits of the Land, The Six)

The Court of Stars

(The Ghaele, The Virtues, The Watchful)

The Ascended Ones

(The New Gods, The Ascendants)

Other Gods

(The Racial Gods, The Outlanders)

The Great Wyrm

(The Creator, The Dead God, The Sleeping Dragon)

Gods of the Realm

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