Hemera is the goddess of fire, chaos, impulsiveness, lebenlust, of spontaneity and destructive magic. She is the twin-sister of Nix, the Primarch of Waves. Hemera is a fickle goddess, seldom asking for organized worship, elaborate observances and ascetic lifestyles of her flock. She is often portrayed as a short-haired young woman dressed in a tunic made of embers and flame. Her worshipers are connected solely through the simplest of tenets, left to observe in a way they deem fit. She is worshiped by renegades, lovers, evokers, vagabonds, knight errants and, uh, pyromaniacs.


Hemera teaches her followers to always keep the inner flame that is the soul well lit, to feed it with desires, passions and a pure heart. It should never be left to stagnate, or else it will end up quenched by the heartless and the conformers. One should also serve as a force of change, burning the obsolete, the stagnant and the rotting and fostering new ideas, new mindsets and new lives that spring out of the ashes.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Fire, Chaos, Destruction, Spell, Passion, Purification, Courage
Favoured weapon: Flame Tongue (Longsword)

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