Nix is the goddess of the sea, rivers, auguries, mysticism and exchange, both of coin and new ideas. She is often thought of as smug and condescending by her detractors, citing the ambiguous prophecies of her favoured souls and the violent storms that often surprise the unwary sailor, amongst other, as the proof the Widow of the Waves cannot be trusted.
Her worshipers, however, know this to be false – Nix prefers her followers to find their own path to enlightenment and often points out subtle clues, such as a difference in spelling(when it comes to prophecies) and the flight pattern to birds(when it comes to weathermancy), that can aid those wise enough to figure out the truth. She is depicted as a tall, thin woman with a seer’s veil cast over her eyes. She is worshiped by sages, sailors, tacticians, merchants, nobles and barristers .


Be water. Rise and fall with the tides, let your environment shape you but remain consistent, a Whole greater than the sum of your parts. There are Patterns and Laws in the world you inhabit – study them carefully and use the stories they tell to your advantage. Knowledge is Power, and Power should be held by those who know how to wield it. Share knowledge, but do not give away the greatest secrets lightly. Seek to educate your lesser, so they can wield Power without abusing it, barter with your peers, so than you can establish a flow of Ideas and bow before your superiors, for they have learned to distinguish those below them by the back of their heads.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Water, Law, Knowledge, Oracle, Trade, Fate, Storm

Favoured weapon: Three Noble Truths (Trident)

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