Auron is the god of the skies, clouds, and whimsy. He is a fickle god, much like his fiery counterpart, Hemera. Unlike the Blazing Maiden, Auron teaches his followers not to act solely according to their passions.
Instead, he urges them to spread mirth and happiness across the world as guided by the Wind Within. He give shis blessing to those willing to engage in bets or contests of wits and strength. He is depicted as a dark-skinned young man, naked and wielding a handaxe. He is worshipped by wanderers, bards, barbarians, horsemen, the Jann and Thunderbirds.


Always be on the move. Seek new adventures and new opportunities wherever you go. On your journey through life, seek to do good so you’d be welcome in every town and in every community. Stay one step ahead of everything. If you run faster than fate, it can’t catch you with your pants down. When in doubt, gaze towards the heavens and you will find an answer, though perhaps not the one you seek. Always be ready to prove your mettle, but never cheat unless it is expected of you. Take care of your friends and keep them close to you.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Domains: Air, Good, Chaos, Celerity, Sky, Competition, Weather

Favoured weapon: Zephyr (Hand Axe)

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