Lorana is the Eyrean goddess of the Moon, wildlife, and valor. She is known as the „Moonmaiden“ among her worshipers and as the „Pale Bitch“ among her detractors. She is depicted as a swift huntress by the peoples of the wild, as a stern motherly figure by women and children under her protection and as a merciless avenger by those seeking justice. She is worshiped by woodsmen, travelers, knights, shepherds, and those who walk under her vigilant gaze.


Nature’s path is one of tight order and balance. It is the duty of all Sapients to find their place in the Tapestry of Life. One’s purpose can be gleamed by exercising temperance and devotion in all things. Be wary of those under you, for they should be protected, and for those above you, for often wisdom can be found in their words. Punish injustice toward the weak and offer guidance those who have been led astray from their paths. Never harm an animal in anger or in vain, for they too are in search of their place. Instead, learn from them as you would from your peers and walk with them together under the Silver Eye.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Favoured weapon: Silversong (Longbow)
Domains: Law, Animal, Protection, Travel, War, Liberation, Moon

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